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Commercial Locksmiths

We understand how important it is to keep your commercial premises safe. Our commercial locksmith services are designed to keep your property, stock, information and employees secure. Contact us for a site survey today.

Restricted Key Systems

The keys in a restricted key system are unique in their design, carry patent protection, and can only be copied by an authorised Locksmith. Eliminate headaches caused by stolen, lost and unauthorised duplicates that can happen with a standard key system.

Customise your system to allow different levels of access to different key holders, including a universal master key. Restricted systems give you peace of mind knowing exactly who has access to which areas of your business at all times.

Access Control

Access management is different for every business. Our cloud-based access control solution works for you whether you’re a retail bank, chain, or a single store.

For every staff member or guest, access can be determined down to the minute. Make sure people can only enter where and when they should - you have the freedom to decide!

Never re-key your premises again!

Safes and Storage

We supply, install and service a full range of safes designed for commercial use. Protect your earnings and data from theft or fire.

Servicing your safe can be equally as important, to ensure consistent access and operation for your business!

  • Supply and Installation

  • Opening 

  • Upgrades

  • Servicing

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